Technical Communication

A showcase of documents and visual media that I created while attending UC Irvine is presented here. The lab reports, research papers, and documentation reflect my ability to address engineering audiences in an organized and professional manner. The graphics and photos exemplify how I convey visual messages with attention to detail and aesthetic. My ability to communicate through written and visual media is influenced by my passions for classical literature, film, and graphic art/design.

Written Documents

CMOS Inverter, NAND Gate, and NOR Gate — Logic gate simulation and analysis using PSpice, Microwind, and CD4007 gate array.

First Order RL and RC Circuits — Analysis of theoretical and measured signal responses for RL and RC circuits.

Design of a 1-Bit Half Adder — Simulation, layout design, and analysis using PSpice and Microwind.

Connected Vehicles — IEEE-formatted research paper from upper division technical writing course.

Collision Response and Sensor Heuristics — Final report for my Senior Design Project.

Raspberry Pi Setup Guide — In-depth guide to OS configuration, remote connection, and hardware interfacing for the Raspberry Pi.    

Visual Media