Notes from Online Matlab Course / by Ryan Morrison

Being a recent graduate seeking employment in the computer engineering field, I often encounter positions that require MATLAB experience. Considering my exposure to this powerful tool was limited to a handful of course-level activities (e.g., simple plotting, basic matrix operations), I have hesitated to include this as a skill on my resume. To overcome my cursory understanding of MATLAB, I opted to take the Matlab Programming for Engineers course from Udemy.

Excerpt from MATLAB notebook.

Excerpt from MATLAB notebook.

The course promises to teach MATLAB in 30 days, but I managed to complete it over a weekend. Following along with the course videos, I executed all the examples and transcribed them into a Jupyter notebook. The notebook provides step-by-step walkthroughs and is organized according to the structure of the Udemy course:

  1. Basic Commands
  2. Math and Trigonometry
  3. Variables
  4. Vectors
  5. Matrices
  6. Calculus
  7. Graphing and Plotting
  8. Loops, Conditions, and Programming
  9. Project Examples
  10. Quick-reference Document

Anybody looking to begin learning MATLAB or refresh their skills will benefit from the course — by extension, the notebook is suited to this purpose as well. After taking this course, I have attained a level of proficiency that enables me to include MATLAB as a skill on my resume and begin leveraging the capabilities of it in future projects.

I am not affiliated with Udemy nor the instructor of the Matlab Programming for Engineers course. Although my notebook is a useful reference, anybody interested in learning MATLAB should support the online-learning community and instructor by purchasing the course. At $35, the course provides you with 8.5 hours of video that delves into many areas not covered in my notebook.